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Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:23:38 -0700 (PDT)

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The Direct Action Media Network (DAMN!) is seeking new coverage in any
medium (audio, video, print, still photos) of May Day direct actions.  If
you will be attending an action or know of one planned in your community
and would like to report on the event, let us know (direct@tao.ca) and we
will help you get your report on-line, distribute it through our news
listserve (damn@tao.ca) and put it on the web.  If you have any questions
about DAMN, you can direct them to the organizational listserve
<direct@tao.ca> or to me <jay@tao.ca>.  Thanks!


"The Direct Action Media Network is a multi-media news service
that covers direct actions that progressive organizations and individuals
take to attain a peaceful, open and enlightened society. DAMN places its
coverage of social justice actions into both historical and contemporary
context so that any audience will find the events and issues covered
accessible.  The group operates as a non-hierarchical democratic institution
to ensure that its operations reflect and augment the values of the
projects and actions it reports.  DAMN accepts as an affiliate any media
outlet, social justice organization, or individual reporter who agrees to
provide or disburse news for the service.  While DAMN provides a free space
for the exchange of affiliates' information, it also reserves the right to
determine its own original content."

 The Direct Action Media Network

 The Direct Action Media Network (DAMN!!)
 is a developing progressive news service
 focusing on providing multi-media coverage
 of inclusive campaigns, marches, protests
 and actions that the mainstream and even
 alternative media rarely represent. DAMN is
 pursuing coverage of progressive events by
 developing an extensive network of print
 reporters, audio broadcasters and
 videographers who can provide "in the field"
 reports about them.

 These reports are available through a Direct
 Action web site which includes text reports,
 photos and sound clips of the actions, and
 eventually through "real world" distribution
 methods (progressive publications, =EBzines,
 micropower radio stations and other means)
 to make sure the news jumps off the internet
 and into people's hands. We are working
 with Free Speech TV to distribute our videos
 both on the web and in real life, and with the
 A-infos Radio Project to distribute audio in
 the same way.


DAMN is the only progressive news service that
provides multi-media coverage of
up-to-the-minute news. We are also developing a
rather unique network of independent media
makers and reporters, as well as uniting media
collectives (such as those in Toronto, Chicago,
Los Angeles and New York) to provide coverage
of local events. We are working with the
miscellaneous.activism.progressive USENET
group and the A-infos mailing list, two entitites
whose purposes are in tune with those of
DAMN, to gather and distribute reports about
direct actions through their means.

DAMN news inspires the audience by informing
them of actions that people/organizations are
taking to right the wrongs of society. Rather than
overwhelm the audience with the severity of the
problems, DAMN is reporting on organizations
that hope to change the current situtation and the
steps they are taking to do so. DAMN empowers
network members by giving them a voice and the
ability to know that their reports will reach a
worldwide audience. We hope to foster more
unity in the independent media and therefore
increase each entity's reach and effect.

The Direct Action Media Network. For more
info on DAMN, e-mail <direct@tao.ca>


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