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Theodore Latham (
Wed, 29 Apr 1998 12:20:09 PDT


    Due to your urgent need for this information, I've decided to put 
what I'm doing on hold and answer your inquiry now:


      I had never noticed homeless people until I, myself, became 
homeless. Although I, too, lived in New York City in my early childhood 
years, I never noticed them! Then I moved to rural North Carolina when I 
was 10 and remained their until I was 17, only to move deeper south! 
Still, I never noticed them. It wasn't until I became homeless at age 
23, that I learned that the problem of homelessness existed in the 
large, epidemic proportions that it does, nationwide!

     Now I know, after 4 years of experiencing homelessness in 13 states 
and twice as many cities, both metropolitan and rural, that homeless 
people are no different from "homes" people, with the exception that 
they have no place to call "home". The new outlook I have on homeless 
people is the basis of why I created Tedrico's Page, so as to help the 
homeless to become "homed" like I currently am, today! As you have 
probably seen, from visiting Tedrico's Page, I post a new survey 
question every Saturday, in hopes of analyzing my viewer's responses, 
and I have included the responses to a past week's survey question, 
about "The Myths of Homelessness", for you to use as added support for 
your "Stereotypes About the Homeless" paper, below:

1)All homeless are substance abusers!
2)Most people are homeless by choice!
3)The homless are a bunch of dirty people with head lice!
4)Lack of affordable housing is not a factor of homelessness!
5)The homeless are white males under 35 & homeless becasue they are lazy 
and rebellious!

     If you need more input from other formerly homeless people, I 
suggest you join the Homeless People's Network discussion list at:

     Hope this has been of some help to you Albert and say hello to 
Spike Lee if you ever run across him in Brooklyn :)


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (919)539-4228

ABirzh <> wrote:
>    Thanks for E-mail . I'll wait for your information by Sunday, but 
if you can please  do it more sooner.
>     So, i'm originally from Moldova ( former Soviet Union) , now i 
live in Brooklyn, NY. I came in US  41/2  years ago.

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