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   Glad you enjoyed yourself and equally gald that the term "guests" was 
used instead of "clients"! Terminology does make a difference in public 
speaking effectiveness! All that talk about sampling foods reminds me of 
being in Chicago on a couple of occasions at their anually summer held 
"Taste of Chicago" festival! :)


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Bonnie Briggs <> wrote:

>Hi gang,
>  I went to a really interesting forum today. it was called Cooking For 
>Comfort and Health: a Forum For Agencies Providing Food Programs for 
>Homeless and Under-Housed. It was held in a cold warehouse at Field To 
>Table, a project by Foodshare Metro Toronto. They work with communities 
>to improve access to affordable, nutritious food. I'm not a food 
>provider, but one of the organizers is a friend of mine from school. We 
>took the Community Worker Course together. She invited me to go to this 
>forum. It was really interesting. the main speaker, Stevie Cameron, 
>works with St. Andrew's, a church in the Out Of The Cold Program. (This 
>is a program that runs in the winter here in Toronto. Several churches 
>around Toronto, on a nightly rotating basis, offer hot meals and 
>overnight shelter from the cold.) Anyway, Stevie spoke first and then 
>they had a panel of speakers from other food programs talk about the 
>work involved in serving food to their homeless "guests".(Isn't that 
>term so much better than "Client"?) They also offered suggestions on 
>to make their programs better. There was also time for questions. After 
>the panel, we had group discussions around topics that had come up 
>we had been listening to the speakers. I joined the group that talked 
>about food; quality, safety, and health concerns. We had a rather large 
>group, probably about 10 or 11 people. I think I was the only person 
>there who actually used the food programs as opposed to being someone 
>who serves the food. I was glad to be able to share my experiences of 
>going to these programs. Then, we had lunch, an all-vegetarian affair. 
>it was different types of cold salads, very filling. Then, the best 
>of the day, the Cooking Challenge! We went downstairs to a warm kitchen 
>for this part. One chef was an instructor at George Brown College's 
>Hospitality School and at the YMCA and the other was a Kitchen Manager 
>and Instructor at Field To Table. Each chef was given a Good Food Box 
>which is filled with fruits and vegetables. They were also given 
>assorted spices and a few other things that can be found in a kitchen. 
>They were restricted to only these items. They were given a short time 
>limit and were asked to create a tasty, nutritious dish. One chef 
>created a vegetable and tofu soup with a fruit salad and the other chef 
>created a entree salad with tuna and potato slices added to it. He 
>one of the women watching to create a vinegarette dressing. As they 
>working, the chefs gave a running dialogue of what they were doing as 
>well as giving us tips that we could use in our kitchens. At the end, 
>each chef had to give a summary of how they made their dishes and took 
>questions from us. We got to try each dish. The salads were both great! 
>That was the end of the forum. Everybody went away with new ideas and 
>recipies to try in their own programs. We all filled out an evaluation 
>sheet and went our seperate ways. The minutes and the recipies used 
>today will be mailed out to everyone who came. I'm glad I went. I look 
>forward to better things from Toronto's food programs. Talk to you 
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