Re: LA Soup Kitchen's Homeless Clients Cause Crime, Say Neighbors FWD

Mon, 27 Aug 1956 14:14:02 +0000

In LA it is no big story, it is the story that all the shelters have. 
Turning Point Shelter, which is probably the most shi shi homeless
shelter in town, in one of the most modern facilities, accepting only
the creme de la creme of homeless people ( the most functional and
successworthy) had an entire community against them during the funding
process because of the NIMBY and the whole devalue my property yada.  It
has little merit.  St. Joe's homeless volunteer their time to clean up
the alley ways of trash once a week and neighbors never say a peep about
their work, they just complain.  No one mentions the fact that alcohol
is cheaper and easier to get then mental health services, emotional
counseling, housing and nutritious food not to mention a livable
wage.    There must be a convenience store on every block yet a grocery
store is about a mile away.  These same people don't get up in outrage
when recycling centers are placed in poor neighborhoods, when Section 8
programs are slashed and when elderly and poor people are run out of
town for being poor.  they don't go nuts when nuclear waste dumps
devalue Native American land, and they don't say a word when
corporations over develop and destroy the open natural spaces. 
Whatever, priorities.  It is pretty difficult to justify your own
contributions to poverty when poverty is staring at you right in your
face, in your back yard.  I wonder when we are going to see a homeless
shelter in Beverly Hills or Malibu.  


Aho Mitakuye Oyasin    For All of my Relatives,

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