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Subject:      Communications-related Headlines for 4/1/98
From:         Kevin Taglang <kevint@BENTON.ORG>
Date:         1998/04/02
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Title:  New Day at the Phone Company
Source: Well Street Journal
Author: Joe Binky
Issue:  Universal Service
Description: After years of fighting legislative initiatives and regulators,
phone companies have adopted a new strategy: affordable telecommunications
services for everyone in the US. Across the country, local phone rates are
dropping. At homeless shelters and soup kitchens, top phone executives are
working with staff to set up voice mail boxes for our most vulnerable
citizens. Salesmen are hitting the pavement in low-income neighborhoods
asking families what they can afford and what services they need. Crews are
scrambling to install high-bandwidth services to our most remote rural areas
-- including the lands of Native American tribes. "Finally," one of the top
executives said, "one of our lawyers looked up from his work and said, 'Hey,
doesn't universal mean everybody?'"


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