Cobblestone Theatre in the Fringe Festival

Bonnie Briggs (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 12:12:33 PDT

Bonnie Briggs
Hi gang,
  Do you like good street theatre? My theatre troupe, Cobblestone 
Theatre, will be in the Fringe Festival in July. Our first show will be 
on July 6/98 at 11:00 am. It will be held upstairs at the Robert Gill 
building which is part of U of T. This is the first of six shows that 
Cobblestone will be putting on during the Festival. The show is called 
"The Legend Of Harris Hood". It is loosely based on Robin Hood, but in 
reverse. He takes from the poor and gives to the rich. "Harris Hood" is 
Premier Mike Harris. I play a Saxon tenant who is screwed by his Norman 
landlord and the justice system. It is an excellent show which has 
received many glowing reviews. I hope some of you can make it to at 
least one show. Talk to you later.

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