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Theodore Latham (
Mon, 27 Apr 1998 07:09:52 PDT

Dear HPN'ers,

    I would like to get here some of your feedback on the following 
passage that I recently received via Tedrico's Page Feedback:

>The homeless population definitely operates out of a different reality 
than most of us, and we must be cognizant of this fact when working with 
this population. The diverse range within the homeless population, 
albeit a family, a single male, single female, an adolescent, a pregnant 
teenager, or someone chronically mentally ill, adds to the challenge in 
dealing with the issues that they present. 
>Layers of problems exist for these individuals and I believe that we 
must prioritize their practical problems before we begin to work on 
their emotional issues. When we factor in class and race issues, we see 
the need to consider the social context of the problems faced by this 
population. I believe that if we view this population through a lens 
that illuminates the strengths and survival skills that they
possess, we have a chance at mobilizing them to, not only survive, but 
to change. 


Tedrico Latham

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