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Bruce Harris


Thirteen year old street boy Gerson Noel Salgado, was shot in his
right leg by a private policeman in Tegucigalpa at approximately 4am
on Wednesday, April 15th, 1998.

Gerson and three other street children, Danilo, "El Negro" and "El
Sietillo", had been sleeping in an abandoned building on Boulevard
Juan Pablo II in Tegucigalpa for several nights. In the early morning
of April 15th, the children entered the house to sleep and were
confronted by a private policeman who had seemingly been hired to
protect the building (It seems that the building was formerly a shop
and is now being remodeled, and the policeman was hired to stop the
theft of building materials).

The guard started shouting at the children and, after a few minutes,
took his pistol out and started shooting at the children. Gerson was
hit and the other children ran away. The now bleeding Gerson started
screaming at the private policeman, who approached the little boy and
pointed his gun at the other leg. Gerson hobbled away as best he
could, where he fell. Gerson3s friends carried him away to the
Hospital where he was given emergency attention. Gerson was
transferred to Casa Alianza for recovery last night (April 15th).

Casa Alianza presented a formal complaint with the Public Prosecutor3s
Office - No. TD-03361/98 who ordered a forensic exam of the child and
took testimony from Gerson3s friends. Our concern - as in the other
180 criminal cases we have in the Honduran judicila system - is that
unless pressure is brought to bear on the authorities, then a proper
investigation will not take place.

PLEASE send a short, polite message to the following authorities
requesting :

n an immediate investigation into the shooting of a 13 year old
homeless boy by a private policeman n protection for Gerson and the
three children who witnessed the shooting n that the perpetrator of
the shooting be brought to immediate justice n that the Honduran
authorities provide residential services for the more than 3,500
street children in Honduras

Dr. Leo Valladares, Human Rights Commission  <>
Ministry of Foreign Affairs <>

And to the following media :

El Heraldo <>
La Tribuna  <>
Honduras This Week <>

And a copy please to <>
Casa Alianza/Covenant House Latin America
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"In their little worlds in which children have their existence,
there is nothing so finely perceived and so finely felt,
as injustice...."

Charles Dickens, "Great Expectations"

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