NY Prison Moratorium Project: Albany Action May 5/bill A.10303

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On Tuesday, May 5th, the Prison Moratorium Project, members of community
organizations, interested individuals, and members of student
organizations from campuses throughout the state will be meeting in Albany
to protest New York State's decade old trend of funding prisons more than
education.  In particular, the groups will be demanding legislative
support for Jeff Aubry's bill (A.10303) -which calls for the repeal of
the highly destructive Rockefeller drug laws- and a restoration of the
millions of dollars cut from the SUNY operating budget, the Tuition
Assistance Program (TAP), and from the Educational Opportunities
Program (EOP) --all of which are important sources of support for
low-income students.  To join the groups in a day of lobbying, protest,
and political performances of guerilla theater, Hip-Hop and spoken word,
please contact the Prison Moratorium Project at: 212 727-8610 ext.41,
or email: kpranis@dsausa.org.

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