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> UAINE  P.O. Box 7501  Quincy, MA  02269
> For updates, please visit our website at
> Dear friends:                           April 21, 1998
>         Below are some very important updates on the Plymouth/Day of
> Mourning legal
> cases.  We appreciate it if you can take a minute or two to look at this.
> We know many people have asked how they can help, and we have information
> below on what you can do at this time.
>         It looks as though the frame-up case is moving forward, and it
> may even be
> on a fast track now.  The town of Plymouth and the state of Massachusetts
> are hoping that our support will go away, that people will forget about
> us
> and that they will be able to have a charade of a trial with very little
> attention.  We need everyone to let them know they are wrong!  The
> charges
> against the defendants range from misdemeanors to felony assault and
> battery
> on a police officer.  People could lose their jobs and their freedom as a
> result of these charges.  This is serious stuff.  We need you all to join
> as
> one voice and demand, "DROP THE CHARGES NOW!"
> 1.      WE NEED LETTERS.  We need letters from individuals and from
> organizations.  For your convenience, we are providing sample language at
> the bottom of this message.  However, the language provided in the sample
> letter below is not meant to be boilerplate.  Please feel free to express
> your words in your own way.  We are providing it only because some
> organizations find it useful to have a sample in front of them.
>         We are putting together a list of individuals and organizations
> who have
> expressed their support so that others may see.  We want the Plymouth
> District Attorney and every other politician in this state to see that we
> have support from all over the world.
>         Please contact Native and other community organizations, student
> and youth
> groups, religious affiliation organizations, trade unions, lesbian and
> gay
> organizations, etc. and ask them to send us a letter of support.
>         If you have been gathering petition signatures, please keep on
> doing that,
> too, and send us petitions as they are completed.
>         Two e-mail petition sites are still up, both at Jordan S. Dill's
> First
> Nations site ( and at our own website
> (  These are good to use because they send
> petitions to various politicians here in Massachusetts, with a copy to
> us.
> 2.      ALL OUT FOR MAY 1:  Our next court appearance is on May 1 at 11
> a.m. in
> Wareham District Court.  This is some kind of pre-trial conference date.
> We
> still do NOT have trial dates.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE BEING MOVED TO
> have
> jury trials in Plymouth.)  We again ask that those of you who are able to
> do
> so come and show your support.  We need a full-out effort now!  We will
> have
> directions to Wareham District Court posted on our website soon.
>         For those of you who are unable to come to court, we always feel
> you with
> us in spirit and appreciate all of the tobacco and other sacred smoke
> that
> is being offered on our behalf.
> 3.      CALLING ALL WITNESSES:  If you are a witness to what happened
> at National
> Day of Mourning in Plymouth and wish to testify on our behalf, you should
> by
> now have been contacted by a paralegal from Mike Altman's office.  If
> not,
> please contact us immediately so that we can put you in touch with our
> lawyers.  Please note also that you are under no obligation whatsoever to
> be
> interviewed by the District Attorney's office should they contact you.
> SORRY:  If you have contacted us and we have not been able to follow up
> rapidly, we apologize and ask you not to take it personally.  We have
> very
> limited resources and volunteer-only personnel, but please believe that
> we
> read every letter and e-mail message and are grateful for all support!
> The ACLU is preparing a civil suit on our behalf for the violation of our
> civil and constitutional rights.  More information on this at a later
> date.
> The legal expenses are mounting rapidly.  If you are able to make
> donations
> at this time to the defense fund, please make checks payable to the
> ACLU/Day
> of Mourning '97 Defense Fund and mail to UAINE at P.O. Box 7501, Quincy,
> MA
> 02269.
> Boston area supporters:  Saturday, April 25 is Earth Day at the
> Esplanade.
> If you can help us to table or petition, please contact us by return
> e-mail.
> This will be a great opportunity to reach many thousands of people.
> We are not vanishing.  We are not conquered.  We are as strong as ever.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Please mail letters of support to: UAINE, P.O. Box 7501, Quincy, MA
> 02269.
> Thank you very much for your help and support.
> [Letterhead of individual or organization]
> To Whom It May Concern:                                 [Date]
>         We are aware of the police assault on Native Americans and their
> supporters
> in Plymouth, Massachusetts on November 27, 1997, U.S. Thanksgiving day.
>         On that day, hundreds of Native Americans and their supporters
> gathered in
> Plymouth, Mass. to observe the 28th National Day of Mourning, organized
> by
> United American Indians of New England.  Their peaceful march was
> ambushed
> and attacked by a large combined force of police from the Plymouth Police
> Dept., Mass. State Troopers, and other police agencies.  During the
> assault,
> the police used pepper spray and mace in the eyes of elders and children.
>         This completely unprovoked assault resulted in the arrests of 25
> women and
> men.  Those arrested represent the broad character of the National Day of
> Mourning and include Indigenous people from North, Central and South
> America, Black, Latino, Asian, and white people, straight, lesbian, and
> gay,
> and labor and civil rights activists.  The Plymouth defendants face false
> charges ranging from assembly without a permit to assault and battery on
> a
> police officer.
>         We are shocked by the racist police brutality in Plymouth on
> November 27,
> 1997 and by the clear violation of the civil and Constitutional rights of
> participants in Day of Mourning 1997.  We believe that participants in
> Day
> of Mourning '97 were wrongfully attacked and arrested.
>         We demand that the Plymouth County District Attorney immediately
> drop all
> of the charges against those arrested at National Day of Mourning 1997.
>         We ask that an open and independent public inquiry be held that
> brings out
> the truth about the police brutality and violation of rights that
> occurred
> in Plymouth on November 27, 1997.
>         Furthermore, we intend to honor UAINE's call for an economic
> boycott of
> Plymouth until Plymouth drops the charges and takes serious steps to
> rectify
> the wrongs it committed against UAINE and participants in Day of
> Mourning.
>                                         [Very truly yours, etc.}
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