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From: Erin Hyppa +ADw-hyppa+AEA-U.WASHINGTON.EDU+AD4-
Date: Saturday, April 25, 1998 1:40 AM
Subject: state only TANF programs

Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition (WROC) is a grassroots organization
organizing parents on public assistance in the fight for social and
economic justice.  We are located in Seattle, WA and are starting a new
campaign for the summer.

It's called +ACI-Stop The Clock+ACI- and we are trying to push our state
legislature to create a state-only TANF program for parents who are
working full time, but still are not making enough money and are receiving
a partial grant.  We feel that parents working full time are doing
everything that the state is asking them to do, and their 5 year
clock should not be running because their jobs do not pay livable wages.

We are wondering if there are any other states out there who currently
have state-only programs for parents working full time or if there are any
other community organizations who are pushing their states to adopt a
similar program.  If so, we at WROC are looking for strategic suggestions,
policy examples, and any other information that may be helpful in our

Please respond to WROC's email, wroc+AEA-scn.org, Att: Jean Colman, if you
have any information.

In solidarity,
Erin Hyppa
Welfare Rights Organizing Coalition