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Date: Mon, 27 Aug 1956 16:24:12 +0000
Organization: MAKING CHANGE


Update:  The NPR broadcast this weekend articulated that The Big Issue
will be expanding to 15-19 other cities soon.  Were we not all told that
TBI had plans for only LA and LA only.  Santa Monica nor any other city
would be a focus.  Now it wants to be the "Mother Jones of North

Joan Sekler wrote:
> The next monthly meeting of the LA Alternative Media Network is:
>                                 Saturday April 25 10:30 AM
>                                 Midnight Special Bookstore
>                                 1318 Third St. Promenade
>                                 Santa Monica
> Special Screening: "Taylor's Campaign"-a documentary portraying the lives
> and social ties among the homeless who survive on the streets of Santa
> Monica. It follows homeless trucker Ron Taylor when he ran for Santa Monica
> City Council in 1994.  Director Richard Cohen will speak after the
> screening.
> Additional speakers:  Jennifer Wagonner--editor of "Making Change"-- a
> monthly newspaper written, produced and sold by the homeless;
>                       John Bird--editor of "The Big Issue"--a monthly
> newspaper published internationally, which has just started publishing in
> Los Angeles--it is also sold by the homeless.
> Issues of both papers will be available at the meeting. Free-lance
> journalists are encouraged to consider writing articles for The Big Issue
> (It pays!)
> PLUS:*A report on the production of a new cable TV series on "Working LA";
>      *An update on the national campaign calling for labor programming on
> PBS and nationally coordinated demonstrations at PBS stations on Labor Day
> (Sept. 7)
>      *Invitation to attend the Grassroots News and Media Conference and
> Culture Jam on June 19, 20, 21 in Austin, Texas. Over 300 grassroots
> broadcasters (radio and cable TV), and cyber-activists are convening for
> this first-ever national conference. It's only $10.00 to attend and housing
> will be arranged for free. Members of LAAMN are attending. Join us.
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> LA Alternative Media Network
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