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Theodore Latham (
Fri, 24 Apr 1998 18:01:56 PDT


   If I was in Toronto, you could count on my presence! But, I'm not so 
I'd like to extend a "Hope it's a Smash" to you and all those who helped 
to make such a needed event happen :)


Tedrico Latham

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Bonnie Briggs <> wrote:

>Hi gang,
>  Anyone free on May 22/98? We are having our annual Homeless Memorial 
>Service on that day. It will be from 12:00 noon to 2:00 pm in Nathan 
>Phillips Square which is right in front of Toronto City Hall. The theme 
>will be "while they are studying homelessness to death, the homeless 
>dying!" Guest speakers will be authour and activist, Linda McQuaig and 
>authour and activist, Pat Capponi. There will also be an open mike to 
>allow others to speak on the issue. There will be free food, consisting 
>of borsch, cabbage rolls & sandwiches, with coffee, soft drinks and 
>juice. Music will be provided by the Full Circle Band and the 
>Native Drummers. Members of my drum circle may also be there, that is 
>yet to be confirmed. The service always starts with a coffin being 
>carried in to symbolize the homeless who have died. The coffin is 
>in front of the stage and a large, white cloth is draped over it. Magic 
>markers are provided for people to write the names of homeless friends 
>who have died on the street. Sadly, we always end up with lots of 
>This service has traditionally been held in November, to symbolize the 
>hardship of homelessness. But, a couple of years ago, we decided to 
>it to May because, frankly, it's just too damn cold in November. Due to 
>various circumstances, we weren't able to have the service last year. 
>So, this will be the first May service. I am part of the organizing 
>committee and I have been asked to put the word out on the Net. An 
>announcement will also be on my Homeless Memorial website. 
>  I hope some of you guys can make it. We are putting the word out 
>everywhere. We want to really highlight the problem of homelessness. 
>This is always a very powerful service. If you can't come on May 22/98, 
>please have a moment of silence for the homeless dead. Thanks, guys. 
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