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>Update:  The NPR broadcast this weekend articulated that The Big Issue
>will be expanding to 15-19 other cities soon.  Were we not all told that
>TBI had plans for only LA and LA only.  Santa Monica nor any other city
>would be a focus.  Now it wants to be the "Mother Jones of North
>America."  (email from Jennafer Waggoner,

Hello everyone,

	I would like to make two points.

	First, please change your email address books for The Big Issue Los
Angeles to read: We have moved our editorial
offices and "thebigissue" address used previously (and on this email too)
will not be in effect more than a few days.

	Two, the statement that The Big Issue will "be expanding to 15-19
other cities soon" was not made by John Bird or any other authorized
representative of The Big Issue. It was a statement made by a person on the
program who was not authorized to say that. In fact, after the NPR
program, John Bird emphatically denied that any such plans exist. However,
as John Bird also says, people will believe what they want to believe so
this clarification of the facts will probably be useful only for those
people who have an open mind.

				Cordially, Art Kunkin

A.John Bird, Editor in Chief of The Big Issue
Cara Solomon, Editor, The Big Issue Los Angeles
Art Kunkin, Publisher, The Big Issue Los Angeles


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