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Greenpeace UK wrote:
> Press Release: 24 Apr 98
> The Georgian Uranium now on route to Dounreay from RAF
> Kinloss should be stored and not reprocessed, Greenpeace
> said today.
> Greenpeace Nuclear Campaigner Pete Roche said, "Reprocessing
> is the root cause of proliferation not the solution. It
> will simply re-inject weapons grade material back into
> the international market. Secure storage is the only responsible
> way of dealing with it."
> Greenpeace argues that Dounreay itself is not in a fit state
> to deal with the material, Roche said "Dounreay has been
> described as a nuclear dustbin, but even dustbins have
> lids. Dounreay cannot contain the radioactivity it deals
> with and generates, it leaks so appallingly that the Nuclear
> Installations Inspectorate (NII) has placed a prohibition
> on the facility. It defies credibility that Tony Blair
> overruled the NII and sent the Uranium there. Its one of
> those 'Twilight Zone' decisions - too unbelievable to be
> true."
> Greenpeace is taking legal advice as to whether all the
> legal requirements have been met, including whether reprocessing
> has been 'justified' or whether other options for dealing
> with the material elsewhere, would have been more appropriate.
> In a letter from Executive Director of Greenpeace, Peter
> Melchett to John Prescott yesterday, the environmental
> organisation asked whether Blair's decision overrules the
> Department Environment Transport and Region's efforts to
> comply with the UK's OSPAR obligations to reduce radioactive
> pollution from reprocessing.
> Notes to Editors: OSPAR is the international governmental
> commission which regulates pollution into the marine environment
> in the North East Atlantic (from Gibraltar to the Arctic).
> Environment Ministers will meet in Lisbon in July this
> year. Radioactive pollution from reprocessing plants at
> Dounreay, Sellafield and La Hague (France) is a priority
> agenda item.
> Copy of letter to John Prescott available on request For
> further information please contact the Greenpeace Press
> Office on 0171-865 8255/6/7/8
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