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LETTER WRITING REQUESTED BY OMCT - The World Organisation Against Torture
To whom it may concern,

I am extremely saddened by the brutal incident which took place on April
14th at the Alameda.  The following street children:  Pedro
 Anaya; Luis Hernandez; Silvino Lopez; Hector Cruz; Juan Ulises
 Garcia;  Raymundo Armas; Guadalupe Segura; Mario Perez; Homero Lopez;
 y Adan Chagoya, all between the ages of 14 and 16 were arrested after
being brutally beaten by police.

I hope that you all would pursue this incident aggressively as responsible
members of the press.


A Quien Concierne:

Estoy extremadamente entristecido debido al brutal accidente ocurrio el 14
de abril en la Alameda.  Los siguientes ninos "callejeros":  Pedro
 Anaya; Luis Hernandez; Silvino Lopez; Hector Cruz; Juan Ulises
 Garcia;  Raymundo Armas; Guadalupe Segura; Mario Perez; Homero Lopez;
 y Adan Chagoya--todos entre los 14 y 16 anos de edad--fueron arrestados
despues de haber sido salvajemente golpeados por la policia.

Espero que todos ustedes traten debidamente este incidente, como
responsables miembros de la prensa que son.



Please write to the Mexican authorities urging them to :

i.	guarantee the physical and psychological integrity of the above
mentioned children and all other street children;

ii.	carry out a thorough and impartial enquiry into the allegations in
order to identify those responsible, bring them to trial and apply the
penal, civil and/or administrative sanctions provided by legislation;

iii.	ensure in all circumstances respect for human rights and
fundamental freedoms in accordance with national laws and
international standards.


S.E. Dr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Le=F3n, Presidente de la Rep=FAblica,
Palacio Nacional, C.P. 06065, Mexico, D.F., Mexico. Fax (+ 52 5) 515
57 29 =F3/or 516 57 62

Lic. Francisco Labastida Ochoa, Secretario de Gobernaci=F3n, Secretar=EDa
de Gobernaci=F3n, Bucareli 99, 2=BA piso, Col. Juarez, Mexico, D.F.,
Mexico Fax (+ 52 5) 546 53 50 =F3/or 547 03 21 o/or 546

Dr. Jorge Madrazo Cuellar, Procurador General de la Rep=FAblica,
Procuradur=EDa General, Violeta y Reforma s/n 2=BA piso, Col. Guerrero,
M=E9xico, D.F. CP 06300 M=E9xico. Fax: (+ 52 5) 626 44 26

Dr. Lorenzo Thomas Torres, Procurador General de Justicia del Distrito
=46ederal. Fax: (+ 52 5) 62570 81



=46WD  CC Replies to <OMCT@IPROLINK.CH>
     Wed, 22 Apr 1998 from OMCT =3D
     The World Organisation Against Torture

Case MEX 200498. CC

The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your URGENT
intervention in the following situation in Mexico.

Brief description of the events:

Casa Alianza, a member of the OMCT network has expressed its grave
concern over the severe ill treatment of 20 children living and
working on the street. According to the information recieved, on
Tuesday, April 14th, at approximately 17:00 hours, a group of about 20
street children (boys and girls between the ages of 12 and 18) were in
the Alameda Central of Mexico City (in front of the Diego Rivera
mural). This is a group of street children with whom Casa Alianza has
been working closely for more than a yearThey live in the sewers close
to the plaza at the end of the Alameda closest to the metro Hidalgo.
The boys were being attended by a group of volunteers from a Mexican
agency, who were handing out food.  A blue police patrol car number
C-186, together with a Granaderos (riot police) bus No. 17525 stopped
at the point where the street children were eating. The uniformed
authorities got out of their vehicles and immediately started to hit
the street children with their truncheons and the butts of the weapons
they were carrying. Several of the street children received
significant beatings, which needed medical treatment (provided by Casa
Alianza staff). Both street children and nearby merchants heard at
least =ABseveral=BB shots fired by the Granaderos riot police. A
photographer captured the action and the wounded children and the
children were able to identify the police agents from the photos.
According to witnesses, one of the policemen threatened 10 year old
street child Fransisco Ivan Maya Lopez by holding a pistol to the
boy's head. Approximately 10 children were loaded onto the Granaderos
bus (Pedro Anaya; Luis Hernandez; Silvino Lopez; Hector Cruz; Juan
Ulises Garcia;  Raymundo Armas; Guadalupe Segura; Mario Perez; Homero
Lopez; y Adan Chagoyan), all between 14 and 16 years old. The
Granaderos riot police bus took the ten detained children to the Sixth
Agency of the Public prosecutor's Office (Ministerio Publico) where
file Sexta/116/9804 was opened, and the children were charged with
damage to private property and resisting arrest. Casa Alianza states
that the children were doing nothing wrong.

As the police bus drove away down Avenida Hidalgo to Paseo de la
Reforma Norte, witnesses saw the riot police kicking the children
inside the bus. Further down Reforma at the Glorieta de Simon Bolivar,
the Granaderos took photographs of the detained children. Casa Alianza
staff called the =ABMinisterio Publico Movil=BB - a mobile Public
Prosector's Office - which arrived to the Casa Alianza program on
Avenida Reforma No. 111, and took statements from six street children
who were treated by our medical staff. Many of the children had head
wounds). Casa Alianza made formal complaints for each of the children,
including thirteen year old Araceli.


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