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Thu, 23 Apr 1998 12:52:34 -0700 (PDT)

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There will be a meeting on Thursday, April 23 to discuss the Castro
neighborhood merchants recent anti-panhandling actions.  The meeting will
be held at the Harvey Milk Civil Rights Academy, 4235 -19th Street at
Collingwood.  It starts at 7 pm, and there will be free food.

I realize this is late notice, I just saw a sign for it today as I walked
along Castro.  FYI, re:  backround, a majority of the shops and
restaurants in the Castro have put up glossy laminated signs telling
people not to give out spare change to panhandlers, but to volunteer money
to charities and drug rehab places instead.  The group that is putting on
the meeting tomorrow created a similar window sign calling for a response
to poverty and homelessness that is a bit more
holistic/realistic/respectful, and (this is crucial) does not come only
from the merchants associations/bosses. Apparantly it is a group that has
been meeting for awhile, made up of Castro residents, both housed and

I only saw the 'counter-sign' at one shop:  I don't know if no one else
would let them put it up or not.  Anyway, if you are interested in helping
to organize a response to the shuffling of poor people out of yuppie
shopping districts, this might be a good place to start.

        ...monica francisco california...

P.S.  If anyone does attend, I would appreciate a report (private okay).
I am not sure yet if I can go.  Thanks.


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