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Theodore Latham (
Wed, 22 Apr 1998 20:54:26 PDT


   Personally, I believe the increase in private organizations helping 
to care for the homeless, is due to the "increased visiblity" of 
homelessness. With welfare reform taking its toll on the "already 
homeless" and those who are "about to be homeless", more people are 
being seen begging on street corners and sleeping on the concrete in 
front of downtown businesses and park benches on a greatly increased 
level! You know the saying, "If you can't see it, don't worry about it"! 
Well, now the heads of the private sectors see the homelessness, and for 
whatever purpose (recognition, profit, etc.), they see an opportunity in 
extending their hands to fill the needs homeless individuals. But again, 
that's my opinion! I think you can find all you need for your research 
paper, through following the links from the URLs listed below:

   Good luck, and keep me informed of your progress :)


Tedrico Latham

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>Rebecca Soltero <> wrote:
>Hi my name is Rebecca Soltero and I am writing a research paper on the 
homeless.  I currently work at Mt. Calvary Missionary Church on 
thursdays feeding the homeless.  The focus of my reseach is on why it is 
the private opganizations that are beginning to pick up the slack more 
and more, in terms of takeing care of the homeless.  In Tucson, alone 
there are several private organizations that reach out to the homeless.  
If you have any information that you could send me regarding these 
issues that would be wonderful.  Thanks for your time

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