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Dear friends:				April 21, 1998

Below are some very important updates on the Plymouth/Day of Mourning legal
cases.  We appreciate it if you can take a minute or two to look at this.
We know many people have asked how they can help, and we have information
below on what you can do at this time.

It looks as though the frame-up case is moving forward, and it may even be
on a fast track now.  The town of Plymouth and the state of Massachusetts
are hoping that our support will go away, that people will forget about us
and that they will be able to have a charade of a trial with very little
attention.  We need everyone to let them know they are wrong!  The charges
against the defendants range from misdemeanors to felony assault and battery
on a police officer.  People could lose their jobs and their freedom as a
result of these charges.  This is serious stuff.  We need you all to join as
one voice and demand, "DROP THE CHARGES NOW!"

1.	WE NEED LETTERS.  We need letters from individuals and from
organizations.  For your convenience, we are providing sample language at
the bottom of this message.  However, the language provided in the sample
letter below is not meant to be boilerplate.  Please feel free to express
your words in your own way.  We are providing it only because some
organizations find it useful to have a sample in front of them.

We are putting together a list of individuals and organizations who have
expressed their support so that others may see.  We want the Plymouth
District Attorney and every other politician in this state to see that we
have support from all over the world.

Please contact Native and other community organizations, student and youth
groups, religious affiliation organizations, trade unions, lesbian and gay
organizations, etc. and ask them to send us a letter of support.

If you have been gathering petition signatures, please keep on doing that,
too, and send us petitions as they are completed.

Two e-mail petition sites are still up, both at Jordan S. Dill's First
Nations site ( and at our own website
(  These are good to use because they send
petitions to various politicians here in Massachusetts, with a copy to us.

2.	ALL OUT FOR MAY 1:  Our next court appearance is on May 1 at 11 a.m. in
Wareham District Court.  This is some kind of pre-trial conference date.  We
still do NOT have trial dates.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE BEING MOVED TO
jury trials in Plymouth.)  We again ask that those of you who are able to do
so come and show your support.  We need a full-out effort now!  We will have
directions to Wareham District Court posted on our website soon.

For those of you who are unable to come to court, we always feel you with
us in spirit and appreciate all of the tobacco and other sacred smoke that
is being offered on our behalf.

3.	CALLING ALL WITNESSES:  If you are a witness to what happened at
Day of Mourning in Plymouth and wish to testify on our behalf, you should by
now have been contacted by a paralegal from Mike Altman's office.  If not,
please contact us immediately so that we can put you in touch with our
lawyers.  Please note also that you are under no obligation whatsoever to be
interviewed by the District Attorney's office should they contact you.

SORRY:  If you have contacted us and we have not been able to follow up
rapidly, we apologize and ask you not to take it personally.  We have very
limited resources and volunteer-only personnel, but please believe that we
read every letter and e-mail message and are grateful for all support!

The ACLU is preparing a civil suit on our behalf for the violation of our
civil and constitutional rights.  More information on this at a later date.

The legal expenses are mounting rapidly.  If you are able to make donations
at this time to the defense fund, please make checks payable to the ACLU/Day
of Mourning '97 Defense Fund and mail to UAINE at P.O. Box 7501, Quincy, MA

Boston area supporters:  Saturday, April 25 is Earth Day at the Esplanade.
If you can help us to table or petition, please contact us by return e-mail.
This will be a great opportunity to reach many thousands of people.

We are not vanishing.  We are not conquered.  We are as strong as ever.
Please mail letters of support to: UAINE, P.O. Box 7501, Quincy, MA  02269.
Thank you very much for your help and support.


[Letterhead of individual or organization]

To Whom It May Concern:					[Date]

We are aware of the police assault on Native Americans and their supporters
in Plymouth, Massachusetts on November 27, 1997, U.S. Thanksgiving day.

On that day, hundreds of Native Americans and their supporters gathered in
Plymouth, Mass. to observe the 28th National Day of Mourning, organized by
United American Indians of New England.  Their peaceful march was ambushed
and attacked by a large combined force of police from the Plymouth Police
Dept., Mass. State Troopers, and other police agencies.  During the assault,
the police used pepper spray and mace in the eyes of elders and children.

This completely unprovoked assault resulted in the arrests of 25 women and
men.  Those arrested represent the broad character of the National Day of
Mourning and include Indigenous people from North, Central and South
America, Black, Latino, Asian, and white people, straight, lesbian, and gay,
and labor and civil rights activists.  The Plymouth defendants face false
charges ranging from assembly without a permit to assault and battery on a
police officer.

We are shocked by the racist police brutality in Plymouth on November 27,
1997 and by the clear violation of the civil and Constitutional rights of
participants in Day of Mourning 1997.  We believe that participants in Day
of Mourning '97 were wrongfully attacked and arrested.

We demand that the Plymouth County District Attorney immediately drop all
of the charges against those arrested at National Day of Mourning 1997.

We ask that an open and independent public inquiry be held that brings out
the truth about the police brutality and violation of rights that occurred
in Plymouth on November 27, 1997.

Furthermore, we intend to honor UAINE's call for an economic boycott of
Plymouth until Plymouth drops the charges and takes serious steps to rectify
the wrongs it committed against UAINE and participants in Day of Mourning.

					[Very truly yours, etc.}

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