How do I fish?, was: serving food "gets the poor"

Thomas Cagle (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 20:02:52 -0400

On Fri, 17 Apr 1998 20:51:52 -0700 Andrew Rose <>
>Where is your sense that FNB wants to "get the poor" coming from?  What
>you referring too?
>At the end of the day, when I have returned to my home, the street, how
>better off am I that you gave me a meal of cast off food.
>I am still on the street the next meal is a day away and there is only
>street. You only feed me so that I will go another day in this hell and
>return to your trough where you feed me cast off food and then you go
>>and feel better for your offering to me. Even you fuck me!
>What would you rather people do, Fotheringham, if you they could hear 
>you what would you say?
Good morning,
*sigh* Fotheringham & Andrew,

I'm going to get into trouble here, as I think the sentiment is too high
for a calm discourse. But it is a weary (to me) question being asked. It
has been asked more eloquently by other people, and been given the same
"huh?" answer by too many people in social services in the past for me to
just sit quietly aside.

I am reacting to Fotheringham's angry admonishment of "Even you fuck me"!

And if I have the sequence right, of Andrew's sincere (if unperceptive)
"well what can I do"? reply.  In this setting the reply is being made by
a volunteer. The missed part is still as fundamental. The helping person
(or agency) does't really believe it.

I am no Xian, my brand of compassion isn't particularly gentle or kind. I
do however really believe this citizen when he tells me "don't feed me
fish, Show me how to fish" i.e. tell me where the door is to this
madhouse, I wanna get off. 

Have you shared where the social service offices are? Pointed out to this
citizen who you think is the most coherent or successful street person to
model themselves by? Have you the skill to set aside an equally angry
reply and asked any questions like you really think this guy should be
able to find his own way home.

Do you have any idea of what he see's as his own sovereign space? 

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