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FWD from The Associated Press
                        Robert Gould
                        Friday, February 27, 1998; 6:26 a.m. EST

NEW YORK (AP) -- Dr. Robert Gould, a psychoanalyst who urged greater
tolerance by society and worked toward ridding homosexuality of its mental
illness stigma, has died of cancer. He was 73.

A tireless champion for gays, hippies, convicts and the homeless, Gould
died Wednesday at the Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, said his
wife, the novelist Lois Gould. He had lived in Manhattan.

Gould was an early advocate of removing homosexuality from the American
Psychiatric Association's list of mental illnesses. In 1987, he helped win
the release of the first person hospitalized during New York City's effort
to forcibly remove mentally ill homeless people from the streets.

His son, Roger, said Gould's sympathy for those on the margins of society
sprang from his experience attending school with children from families far
more affluent than his own. He wrote about his passion in opinion pieces
for newspapers.

``There were others who sought social change in general, but none with Bob
Gould's bold nitty-gritty focus on issues and the people involved in
them,'' said Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, professor of psychiatry at John Jay
College in New York. ``Bob was in the trenches to change the status quo.''

Gould was a clinical professor of psychiatry at New York Medical College
and president of the National Coalition on Television Violence, a lobbying
group. He also served on the commission that investigated the 1971 uprising
at Attica state prison, and helped write the panel's report, which
criticized prison guards' response and their lack of training.


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