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   MANILA, Dec. 14 (PNA) -- Some 31,000 homeless families living in 88
esteros and creeks in Metro Manila and Rizal province can now look
forward to having their own homes.

   Rep. Ramon Bagatsing Jr. (LAMMP, Manila) said that upon the
initiative of Sen. Ernesto Herrera, at least P1 billion of the
P2-billion Poverty Alleviation Fund -- a special fund in the budget --
has been appropriated to resettle next year homeless families occupying
creeks, esteros and waterways.

   "The special resettlement plan, apart from giving more substance to
government`s socialized housing program, is in support of the Department
of Public Works and Highways` flood control program," Bagatsing said.

   Bagatsing said the P1 billion funding would be administered by the
National Housing Authority, which shall implement the special
resettlement plan in coordination with the DPWH, the Metro Manila
Development Authority and the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating

   "We are taking here of complete resettlement, not just relocation.
This means the squatters families would be provided not just homes, but
also access to employment opportunities as well as basic services,"
Bagatsing pointed out.

   In Manila, Bagatsing said among those targetted for resettlement are
homeless families to live in the esteros of Paco, Pandacan, Gallina,
Valencia, San Miguel, San Lazaro, Maypajo, Kabulusan, Magdalena and La
Reina as well as those in the creeks of Calatagan and Maricaban. (PNA)

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