Re: Free service to HPN subscribers

Theodore Latham (
Mon, 20 Apr 1998 00:49:15 PDT


    That is very noble of you! I am a web consultant who works out of 
the home! I design web pages/sites and then promote, market, and 
maintain them for my clients! I am formerly homeless, and although I'd 
never have time to do 25 sites for free, I help the homeless through 
Tedrico's Page: Homelessness, Hitchhiking, Panhandling, & Homeless 
Programs, a web site I designed last Nov. only months after I myself 
became "homed"! Thanks for do your part for homelessness. Nuff said!


Tedrico Latham

Your Informative Homelessness Resource Link!
P.O. Box 514 Rich Square, NC 27869 (919)539-4228

"Bruce D. Burleson" <> wrote:

>I am starting a small business out of my home,
>experimentally, to design web sites, resume's,
>flyers, newsletters, etc.
>As a special offer to the HPN list I want to 
>give away up to 25 services.  (I may extend it
>to more services if I feel I have the time.)
>I want to extend this offer to members of this
>list, with preference given to folks who are
>currently or formerly homeless.
>This is a way for me to kill two birds with one
>stone, so to speak:  I can provide a service to
>people who need it, and also build a
>All currently or formerly homeless people's
>names connected with files in my portfolio will
>be modified in order to protect client
>confidentiality, unless client requests
>otherwise in writing.
>Please visit my web page (listed below) if you
>are interested, or email me at
>Bruce D. Burleson

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