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Lafayette, LA -- The Church Army of Western LA receives Capital grant from
CBN and Pat Robertson for +ACQ-100,000.  The grant award was confirmed today by
CBN Board member and Financial Chair, Bill McConkey of St. Louis, MO.  The
grant will be used to retire the a portion of the bank loan made in 1997
for the purchase of five commercial buildings and a 3 1/2 acre tract in the
CDBG target area of the inner city know as +ACI-The City of Jesus+ACI- -- the
headquarters of The Church Army of Western Louisiana in Lafayette.

The Church Army operates facilities that are a part of the Continuum of
Care for the Homeless from all of Acadiana in Lafayette, LA.  The Church
Army is an outreach of the Episcopal Church but operates as a separate
501(c)3 non-profit corporation in order to receive funding support from
government programs and private sources.  As in previous years, the support
for the Church Army mainly comes from many hundreds of individuals in small
amounts.  With the current grant, over 98+ACU-of Church Army homeless funding
in 1998 has come from private sources and 2+ACU-has come from City, Parish,
State and Federal Government sources.

With approximately 5,500 homeless persons in Acadiana and 65+ACU- of them
accessing services in Lafayette, the Church Army (THE WELL, Naomi House,
Joshua House, Operation Luke and the other operating programs) has a needs
based operating budget of +ACQ-751,000 for 1998.  If you feel that the Homeless
in Acadiana deserve a hand up more than a hand out, join Pat Robertson and
the CBN Family as well as the many other individuals and companies in
Lafayette and become a +ACI-Partner with the Homeless+ACI- through the Church Army
this month.

For Further information contact the excited Captain Carlos Russo
318-237-7618 or email: or drop by the office at 116
Buchanan Street, Lafayette, LA  70501and ask for Carlos or Richard or send
a donation to The Church Army, Post Office Box 2747, Lafayette, LA  70502.

more to follow later ............
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