Re: Community Policing & Law Enforcement

Charles Wilson (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 09:27:24 -0700

>A world without bosses, money, weapons, cells, muzzles or hunger!  Am I
>Am _I_ wrong?  Or has _Civilization_ taken some wrong forks on the

If you're dreaming, you're not the only one.  Yes, civilization has been
hung up on the right-brain fork of believing that the world of
science/reason/logic/keys to how the world works should be revered and
enshrined and called upon to tell us how to use those tools.  The world of
mind can unlock how the earth works, can provide paths for the heart to
take, but cannot select one.  The mind is only as good as the heart it
serves.  All questions resolve to one, and the heart can only be opened from
within.  We act in our space in our time.  What path do you want to take

Loving you, Charles Wilson