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IF HEAVEN GRANTS IT:  The bits of help given are really to prop up a system
which is crashing anyway.  While appreciated, they serve only to buy time
until a system-wide fix is implemented.  These services must be seen in this
context, or hopelessness is a valid emotional conclusion.  For instance, we
certainly need micro-housing approved by all codes for today's younger
people and the unhoused of any age.  A micro-house is a small house which a
person, maybe with a bit of help, could construct or pay for in less than a
year with normal wages, not half a lifetime, and not funding a lord of the
land class, as with current housing standards.  If distributed around and
throughout municipalities, it could be a quite pleasant addition to
communities.  This would be a true addition and expansion of "community.")
In the end all questions resolve to one question, and the heart can only be
opened from within.  We're waiting, but we're not happy.  We'd like to help

Charles Wilson

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>I guess that what one is seeing from the writter Fotheringham is a sence
>of the
>o v e r whealming need for housing .. which leaves one angry and saying
>"so what" when other help is given.  The perception at street level must
>be one of "If these people wanted to - and got r e a l y organized -
>then they could fix this homlessness thing
>-total!- so anything less than that .. is viewed with some contempt.
>Shure a decent meal is great - shure a counselling talk is helpfull etc
>etc.. what needs fixing is homelessness itself - and I can understand
>the undertone of anger comming from a person on the street .. when he
>sees well situated - housed folks - fixing bits of the problem here.. a
>portion of the problem there.. but the homelessness as such - goes right
>on as ever!?
>No way do we wanna be discouraged by a reaction as seen here.  I feel it
>is quite understandable - and simply an expression of the desperate need
>for a real and if Heaven grants it - t o t a l move away from the type
>of society which seems _content_ to simply leave some way behind or shut
>ron b.