Re: Community Policing & Law Enforcement

Charles Wilson (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 07:50:07 -0700

When I lived in downtown Denver, Colorado, I was driven from the public
sidewalks on the main thoroughfare of downtown by the Denver police, when I
wanted to stand there with a sign calling attention to Mr. Keating's
criminal and immoral financial rape of savings and loan organizations, who
had offices there.  They will still drive you away today, using any force
necessary.  What they say is that their downtown area is a "special
district" and the regular rights to speak, show signs, etc. do not apply.
Can anyone add to this?  The idea is like shopping malls, private police
laws apply to the public space there.  I think it is a short-circuit of our
constitiutional rights and laws, which should be made to stop.  I was
powerless to do anything but comply.

Charles Wilson