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   Here is another Tedrico's Page Discussion Board Posting!

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>Hi Tedrico,
>   Wow! Thanks for answering everything, you've helped me out so much. 
>know you're a busy man, but I have a couple follow up questions if you
>have time. Just let me know if you don't, I won't cry or anything. Your
>story is impressive -- you obviously learned those computer programs
>well, judging from your page. I'm glad that you are doing so well. 
>so here are just a couple more questions about the world of Tedrico --
>1. How old are you now? What is your ethnic background?
>2. Why were you suspended from college? How did you do academically
>before the suspension, or was that the reason you were suspended? Did
>you ever go back to finish? How did you do in school before college --
>did you attend regularly for high school and below, did you pass?
>3. Why were you incarcerated?
>4. I am wondering what was happening during the "gaps" in your
>homelessness? Where were you then? Was that when you were in rehab or
>5. What drugs did you abuse? Did rehab/detox work for you or did you 
>clean after you accident when you were stuck in bed at home?
>6. Are you medicated for depression now, or have you ever been? If so,
>what do you take? Does depression run in your family?
>7. Did you have a car while homeless? I know you mentioned a Nissan 
>was totaled. Was that accident drug/alcohol related?
>8. What surgery did you have after the accident? Who paid for your 
>9. Were you parents happy to have you back? Can you tell me what type 
>setting you live in now - city apartment, house, farm, etc. 
>10. What do you look like? 
>Thanks! Yes, please let me know when the page is updated. I think it
>would be a great way to find resources for my patients. Talk to you
>later, Beth

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