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>RE: Understanding-Compassion-Insight
>	The individual and societal cost of depression, anxiety disorders, 
>behaviors and personality disorders is incalculable.  . Many 
individuals who
>are homeless suffer from many forms of  psychiatric disabilities:
>Posttraumatic Stress Disorders, Bipolar Disorders, Paranoid 
>Phycois, Polysubstance Abuse, which is, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
or OCD,
>they are a danger to themselves; others; and a danger to society ( 
>communicable illnesses, infections, and lowering of community 
standards) .
>	Most are untrusting, hide from others, have few skills, and those that 
do are
>unable due to mental illness to use those skills to get off the 
streets. Most
>have given up on life: they have no choice; life gave up on them, most 
are a
>product of dysfunctional families, or others that are also 
>these individuals have destroyed that confidence and innocents of a 
>child. Unfortunately this process is repeated thousands of times every 
>and the numbers of dysfunctional families grow, which translates into 
>alarming  growth rate of dysfunctional individuals trying to survive 
>any skills on our city streets.
>	We have the resources in this great country of ours to help those that 
>from this degrading, involuntary homeless lifestyle.  However, we blame 
>homeless for the trauma and pain they suffer, when in fact, society 
>them as children, and now as adults society cares even less. 
>	If we continue to turn away from those who suffer from severe mental 
>and other disabling disabilities, then we all have failed in our quest 
>humanity, when we fail to recognize the hunger, pain, and death, in 
>peoples lives, people die; then why are we here, for what purpose do we 
>we as a society only have each.........other..............we can do far
>better, eachother.
>Robert G. Mills 
>Founding Director
>Brotherhood Of Homeless Human Beings, Inc.
>Wherever you find a lack of Understanding, Compassion, or Insight, 
>consider posting this message, use your own name if wish.

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