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Theodore Latham (
Sun, 19 Apr 1998 00:49:28 PDT


    Welcome to the reality of the hard core street mentality! I saw alot 
of this mentality, in a lot of food handout lines, within many different 
cities during my homeless stretch! When life on the streets gets so bad 
for a person that they are critical and blameful of the hand that feeds 
them, don't take it personal! Instead try to personally, befriend, 
console, and offer an extra serving to that person (of couse in privacy 
away from the eyes of others)! Eventually they will dump all of the 
repressed feelings and character defenses they have built up around 
them, for coping purposes, on you and then you will have won them over 
in the long run! Use a clever, yet concerned approach and you may find 
you have recruited an extra helping hand when serving time comes around! 
This is not my opinion, but my personal experience. I'd like to here 
some other feedback from you discussion members out there! Nuff Said!


Tedrico Latham

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In response to the following posting:

>>Where is your sense that FNB wants to "get the poor" coming from?  
What are
>>you refering too?
>>At the end of the day, when I have returned to my home, the street, 
how much
>>better off am I that you gave me a meal of cast off food.
>>I am still on the street the next meal is a day away and there is only 
>>street. You only feed me so that I will go another day in this hell 
>>return to your trough where you feed me cast off food and then you go 
>>and feel better for your offering to me. Even you fuck me!

Andrew Rose <> replied:

>When I read that serving people "fucks" people I feel confused and sad
>because the situation must be dire indeed if someone sees a gift of 
>given freely only when requested as disempowering and I want to know 
>about this and what would be a better way?
>What would you rather people do, Fotheringham, if you they could hear 
>what would you say?
>more rhetoric:
>how much better off are you for warm soup and somewhat fresh bagel?
>would you rather steal or pick from a dumpster?
>Would your hell be lessened if there wasn't food?
>Why return to the trough if it keeps you in hell?
>Should people stop helping other people because it makes some feel 

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