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H. C. Covington (ach1@sprynet.com)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 16:59:30 -0500

A New Web Site: Managed Care Central

Following up what seems to be a positive reception for our Medicaid
Clearinghouse web site, we at Families USA are pleased to announce
that we have created an on-line resource on managed care which we
are calling MANAGED CARE CENTRAL. As with the Medicaid
Clearinghouse, we are hoping this site will offer "one-stop shopping" for
those interested in the consumer's point of view on managed care. The
web address for this new site is:


As they say, the site is still "under construction." But we thought that it
was important to try to link the web contributions of our colleagues in the
consumer health community at a site that we hope will be utilized by
advocates and other allies around the country. We plan to provide links
to a wide array of sites that provide important information, perspective,
and strategies for progressive reform -- all to the extent that our
staffing allows. It'll take us some time to develop it fully, and we would
appreciate any suggestions for ways to make it more useful.  We plan to

=> links to the best sites on the Internet for up-to-the minute information
on managed care, especially (but not exclusively) from the consumer's
=> news about what's happening with both Medicaid and Medicare
managed care;
=> valuable information and resources that are designed to help
consumers understand HMOs and managed care legislation
=> ways that your colleagues and members can get involved in managed
care advocacy (including access to congressional representatives via

We encourage those organizations that have web sites to link to the
Managed Care Central site and to keep us abreast of any managed care
related documents posted on your site so that we might link to them. We
ask that you send the e-mail address of your organization's web master
to Patrice Franklin at <pfranklin@familiesusa.org> so that we might keep
in touch. (We also encourage you to do this for Medicaid-related
information or sites so we can link to the Medicaid Clearinghouse

We also encourage those of you that don't have a presence on the web
yet to send us relevant documents so that we might post them to the
Managed Care Central. These documents should be sent electronically
via e-mail or by disc to Patrice Franklin at the above e-mail address, or
the Families USA office at the address below.

In the future, we plan to create a page for each state that will highlight
what's going on around the country at the state level.  Towards this end,
we are soliciting state contacts on managed care. We encourage you to
send us the names and addresses of your state-level contacts who
might be interested in contributing to Managed Care Central or in being a
contact for other interested people. These names should also be sent to
Patrice Franklin who can be reached via the above means or by calling
(202) 628-3030.

We look forward to working with you on this and other projects, and we
welcome any suggestions or comments regarding our web sites and
listservs. Please direct comments to web master Patrice Franklin at

To Your Health!
Patrice Franklin and Jeff Kirsch, Families USA

Patrice Franklin, Deputy Field Director
Families USA
1334 G Street N.W.
Washington, DC 20005

Web Site: http://www.familiesusa.org