homeless get email free in London via AOL, Centrepoint FWD

Tom Boland (wgcp@earthlink.net)
Sat, 18 Apr 1998 13:28:16 -0700 (PDT)

FWD found 16 Apr 1998 at:
See also Centrepoint site: http://www.centrepoint.org.uk/


   Centrepoint, the charity for young homeless people, launched its new Web
site on Thursday. The site includes an interactive game to help people
understand what homelessness is like.

   The online game, called Virtual Homelessness, allows users to role-play
the choices they might have to make if they found themselves on the streets.

   In addition, online service AOL has teamed up with Centrepoint to
provide free e-mail accounts for homeless people to help them keep in touch
with their families.

   Using publicly available Internet terminals, users of this service will
be able to send messages to loved ones at home who may be worrying about

   Centrepoint's director of employment, education and training Sarah
Brennan  said: "Virtual Homelessness is based on Centrepoint residents'
real personal  experiences, and we have created it in the hope that other
young people will be able to avoid the misery of homelessness."

   Homeless people can access the Internet from computers installed in
Centrepoint's own foyers in various locations across London.

   The e-mail service was originally created to help users of the
Centrepoint recruitment agency, but has now been expanded.

   "The whole point of this site is to prevent homelessness. We want to
provide  young people with the information they need about what might
happen if they  leave home, so that they can make an informed decision,"
said a spokeswoman.

   The site also includes details of the charity's projects, fund-raising
activities, education, policy and research work.

   Visit the Centrepoint website http://www.centrepoint.org.uk/


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