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     "Welfare Reform Impacts on the Public Housing Program: A Preliminary
     Forecast" is now available from the HUD USER website at:


     This report examines the implications of welfare reform for public
     housing authorities (PHAs), whose residents traditionally contribute a
     portion of their incomes for rent. Prepared by HUD's Office of Policy
     Development and Research, the study finds that the effects of welfare
     reform on tenant incomes and PHA rent revenues can be expected to vary

     According to the report, effects will depend on the number of PHA
     households that include adults required under the new law to seek
     employment, their potential for finding a job, their contributions to
     rent revenues, and mitigating actions taken by PHAs. The resulting
     effect on Federal budget outlays, in the form of operating subsidies
     to PHAs, is also uncertain. Rent revenue may decrease as welfare
     reform requirements take hold and benefits cease, or it may increase
     if substantial numbers of mandated residents find jobs that improve
     their incomes.

     Researchers made two major projections regarding the success of
     mandated residents in finding jobs. The optimistic projection assumed
     that mandated residents will be as successful at finding jobs as their
     unassisted peers. The pessimistic projection assumed that the
     job-finding success of mandated residents will depend on how many job
     seekers and entry-level jobs exist when benefits end.

     The study focuses on eight PHAs that vary with respect to their
     State's welfare reform rules, rent and tenant selection policies,
     demographic characteristics of mandated residents, and economic
     conditions of surrounding metropolitan areas.

     Welfare Reform Impacts on the Public Housing Program: A Preliminary
     Forecast is available from HUD USER for $5.

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