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Date: Saturday, April 18, 1998 2:45 AM
Subject: Welfare-To-Work Conference

A coalition of statewide organizations and unions is holding a welfare
conference on June 1-3, at the State University of New York at Albany,
entitled ''Does Work End Poverty?  People, Policies and Strategies in
Reforming Welfare".

The conference features a range of speakers who will discuss the larger
economic , historical and political context in which current welfare reform
taking place.  Barbara Ehrenreich will open the conference.  Other plenary
speakers include Jared Bernstein of the Economic Policy Institute, Frances
Piven of CUNY, Diana Zuckerman of the Institute for Women's Policy
Cheri Honkala of the Kensington Welfare Right Union in Philadelphia, Alic
Kessler-Harris of Rutgers University, Karen Schimke of the State
Aid Association, and frank Mauro of the Fiscal Policy Institute.

The conference will also feature 18 workshops on topics ranging from
transportation, child care, education and training, self-employment, living
wage, labor law, and others.

The conference planning committee is made up of the NYS Career Options
Institute, SENSES, AFSCME/New York, the Center for Women in Government at
Albany, the Community College Welfare to Work Coalition, Fiscal Policy
Institute, Greater Upstate Law Project, NYS Education Department, New
for Fiscal Fairness, NYS AFL-CIO, NYS CSEA.

For more information, contact Claudia Friedetzky at 518/786-6424 or Lois
Johnson at 518/463-5576.