Re: Introduction by new member

Tom Boland (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 21:14:12 -0700 (PDT)

Tedrico, thanks for your warm welcome to our online family for Glowing

Some of us heavy posters have been here for a few months, and we need to
take time to make sure Newbies feel _in_ with us.  We new voices, new
insights - and news hands to move our wagons toward inclusive communities.

Theodore, I visit your Web pages regularly.  I love the layout and what
content I can access with my pal's quirky old memory shy Mac II FX (Mac's
Edsel, I'm told).

Sadly, I don't have Java Script, so I'll miss not being able to access your
Bulletin Board.  I hope it goes well and grows.  With permission, please
repost to HPN some of best posts that your new BB catches.  Network On!

Nuff said, Ted.  (Ok, just _one_ more paragraph.  Maybe two.)

I've read lots of good posts tonight, both personal and political.  So I'm
camping happy, at Cooperation Kitchen on line, Homeless Action Collective,
where we can trade hugs and quips, even as we parse our plans and arguments.

(So, somebody argue.:)

Agree to agree.  Or agree to diszgree.  Just keep speaking _your_ truth to
power.  After all who have had their say _over_ us, it's _our_ turn now to
talk, plan and act for _ourselves_.

All we need for All Our Relations!

Love, peas & MEG to you, my friends.--Tom

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