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Subject: DAMN: Job Opening: TV Program Manager
Date: Tue, 14 Apr 98 21:58:03 MST
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"A progressive voice in the media revolution," FREE SPEECH TV is a
part-time cable network dedicated to the best of activist, community-based,
and alternative media. FStv programming airs each week in 50 cities,
reaching seven million homes.

Affiliates include New York City, Philadelphia, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver,
Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, and many smaller communities across
the US. FStv occasionally provides programming to public television
stations as well. Committed to building a democratic media and effecting
progressive social change, FStv is working to launch a full-time,
satellite-fed network for the voices and views under-represented on
commercial television.

FStv is currently seeking applicants for the position of Program Manager.

The PM is responsible for licensing and scheduling work for future
broadcast on FStv.

Specific duties include: soliciting and previewing works for acquisition;
licensing tapes from producers and distributors; conceptualizing, curating,
and coordinatingseries to air on FStv, occasionally working with
co-presenting organizations; maintaining a computer database of producer,
program, and schedule information; tape trafficking; and working with other
staff to support and promote FStv programming.

Employment is based in Boulder, CO. Occasional foreign and domestic travel
to film festivals and conferences is required. The PM reports to the
Program Director.

Experience in independent media programming, television rights
acquisitions, and/or progressive politics is strongly desired. A
familiarity with the independent media field, an engagement with current
issues, a commitment to diversity, strong critical viewing skills, an
understanding of legal contracts, computer competency, and and written
communication skills are required.

FStv is an equal opportunity employer. Women and people of color are
encouraged to apply for this position.

The PM position is full-time. Salary starts at $25,500, with benefits and
possible salary increase after six months.

Candidates should fax a resume and cover letter to:
Jon Stout, FStv Program Director, 303-442-6472 or mail to:
2945 Center Green Court South, Suite G, Boulder, CO 80301.
FREE SPEECH TV: a progressive voice in the media revolution
Now reaching over seven million homes in 50 cities across the U.S.

Programming Department: Michele Leonard, Jon Stout
P.O. Box 6060,  Boulder, CO 80306
phone: 303-442-8445, fax: 303-442-6472
email:, website:

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