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Tom Boland (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 16:19:25 -0700 (PDT)

Beth, thanks for such a riveting depiction of your time on the road and in
the parks.  Violence drove me from my home as a teen.  The street can be
violent too, but also loving.

It's been decades since my young years of hitchhiking, although at 50, I
still camp out with my road dog pals at Rainbow Gatherings.  Your words
bring back my street daze in a flood of memories

Welcome to our onlinw family, Beth.  May you find all you need and give as
your spirit moves you.  As poet-activist HPNer Anitra says, write on!.--Tom

Beth wrote, in part:
>...My boyfriend had come back with me, but I left him after I really
>didn't want to get hit anymore. I was never seriously hurt, but it was
>still painful to get lumps on my head.
>   I made homebase a lovely park. I would drink with anyone who'd drink
>with me. I spent my time with a group of slightly older men, who worked
>odd jobs, construction and stuff, who could pay for our booze and cigs.
>I remember enjoying many long conversations with them, and I adored them
>all in a way, but I really don't remember what we talked about. One time
>we thought we'd get high on paint fumes and turned our teeth black, but
>that's another story.
>   But the tale didn't begin with Salt Lake. Right after high school,
>before I ever drank, I lived with a hippie boyfriend in the mountains in
>a barn. Well, it used to be a barn. Eventually, I got together with one
>of his friends, and we lived in a TeePee, squatting on ground in the
>woods, traveling miles over dirt trails to get there, bathing in a cold,
>and I mean, cold mountain stream. I guess that was home, in a way. For
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