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     Nomination forms for the "HUD Secretary's Award for Excellence" are
     now available from the HUD USER website at:

     Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Andrew Cuomo,
     in partnership with Professional Builder magazine and NAHB, announces
     the second annual "HUD Secretary's Award for Excellence" program as
     part of the annual "Best in American Living Award." This program
     recognizes design excellence produced through cooperative
     public/private efforts that expand homeownership opportunities for
     underserved American families.

     SuperNOFA information

     This year, HUD is combining most of its NOFAs into 3 "SuperNOFAs."
     Through the SuperNOFA grant processes, applicants can now go to one
     source - the SuperNOFA Information Center - for obtaining application
     information, copies of program regulations and other information that
     will help applicants prepare and submit their funding requests

     The new center may be reached from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. Eastern
     Time, Monday through Friday, by dialing toll-free 800-HUD-8929 or
     800-483-2209 TTY. Additionally, application information is readily
     accessible on the Internet at

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     existing programs from HUD's Office of Policy Development and
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