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> Kingston Whig Standard 4/17/98
> Prison guard says he did all he could
> Murray Hogben
> A corrections officer told a coroner's inquest yesterday how he and others
> tried in vain to save the life of Kingston Penitentiary inmate Robert
> Gentles 4 1/2 years ago. Gentles had been forcibly extracted from his cell
> on Oct. 24, 1993, and carried downstairs to the segregation cells. There,
> Augustin Chenier said a bucket of water was thrown in Gentles' face to wash
> off the Mace that had been sprayed on him. When Gentles didn't move,
> Chenier checked his carotid artery for a pulse and then his wrist pulse -
> there was none - and then he checked to see if he was breathing. Chenier
> then asked range supervisor James Steacy to try to find a pulse. No pulse
> was detected.The handcuffs that kept Gentles' hands behind him were then
> opened.
> "We worked hard to get him to breathe again," Chenier said. "I did
> everything I could do," Chenier added. Following the afternoon session of
> the coroner's inquest and after he had been dismissed as a witness, Chenier
> stepped back into the Frontenac County Court House chamber. He shook hands
> with Carmeta Gentles, the deceased inmate's mother, and said how sorry he
> was they couldn't save her son.

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