Attention U.S. Activists: "Gathering of Spies" in May

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Fri, 17 Apr 1998 09:40:44 -0400

	 	Washington Post 

        	Monday, April 13, 1998; Page F03 

              <bold><bigger>A Gathering of Spies (5/17/98, Marriott
Tysons Corners)


              Attention secret agents and James Bond wannabes. Mark

              your calendar for May 17, when spies, government

              intelligence workers and others who fancy themselves as

              cloak-and-dagger artists will gather at the Marriott

              Tysons Corner for OSS '98, the Global Intelligence


              The four-day conference is being organized by Robert

              Steele, a former CIA agent who is president of Open

              Source Solutions of Fairfax. OSS hosts conferences

              designed to highlight the gathering of unclassified

              intelligence for commercial and government uses.

              "Our conference is all the stuff you won't see at a 

              business conference," promises Steele, who expects

              about 600 attendees from 40 countries. "It's the only

              place in the world where spies come in from the cold in


              The cost of the conference is $675 for private-sector

              attendees, $475 for government workers and $375 for

              academics. There is also a special four-hour cram

              course for senior intelligence managers for $500.

              Further information can be obtained from Steele at

              703-242-1700 or at

              Just be sure to use a secure phone.

              -- Tim Smart