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Theodore Latham (
Fri, 17 Apr 1998 05:43:40 PDT


      I agree! Society has some how made the words "homeless" and 
"metally ill" synonymous with one another and that simply just is not 
so! Although some homeless persons were born or became mentally ill 
prior to becoming homeless, the majority of the mentally ill homeless 
people whom I've encountered developed mental illnesses in one form or 
another, due to the stressors placed on them from being homeless and 
their ill preparedness in coping with them until they learned or figured 
out how to better their individual situations!


Tedrico Latham

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On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 10:42:45 -0700 (MST) Graeme Bacque 
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Subject: Semantics

I find it alarming in the extreme to see how often the words 'homeless' 
and 'mentally ill' appear in the same line whenever the subject of 
homelessness arises for discussion. This is frankly only one more form 
of victim-blaming - homelessness isn't a disease; its a political/social 
issue. Citing 'mental ilness' (which is more value judgement than 
scientific fact in any event) as causal removes it from that realm and 
places the blame solely on the victim's shoulders, thus providing the 
system with a convenient 'out.' We can't afford to be doing this.

Graeme Bacque
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