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United for a Fair Economy and Class Acts and others--
as some of you already know, yesterday's creative direct action captured
some serious media.  Here's the deal:

Yesterday morning, Rep. Dick Armey was in Boston to promote regressive flat
tax and sales tax proposals.  But we we're ready for him.  As he was about
to dump the tax code in the harbor a plastic dingy boat sudently appeared
with two protesters from UFE dressed as a working family complete with baby
doll and a sign that read "Working Family Lifeboat."  At the same time
members of the "Rich People's Liberation Front" started shouting for him to
"Sink 'em with the Sales Tax" etc.  When Armey dropped the tax code, he
overturned the dingy, forcing the working family to swim to shore.  We
stole the show.

AP, Reuters and others are prominently featured our part of the story in
their reports.  Picked up by papers across the country.

The Globe prominently featured the protest with a story that started on the
front page and continued to page A34 with 3 (yes, 3!) photos.

New England Cable News was there, and ran the story regularly on
their news yesterday.

Channels 4, 5, 7 and 56 were also there.  Some of their coverage cut us out
of the story, some featured us.

National NBC radio (local radio stations WRKO, WXRV, WOAZ, WPLM, and WTSA)
carried a drive-time interview with Chuck Collins about the event.

NPR carried the story.

today even Rush Limbaugh acknowledged that our protest succeeded.

CNN also carried the story.  I downloaded a video clip off of CNN
interactive today.  check it out at and
other media hits...

all kinds of other media has been going on as well, through the responsible
wealth tax pledge, our new executive excess report, and out wage gap
campaign:  articles in major dalies, the BBC called, the French wire
service, two weeks ago chuck and others were on national CBS morning news,
radio interviews every day...etc.

and some more local news stuff is coming:

Attention Early Risers!

This SUNDAY, April 19, I (Mike Lapham) will be interviewed for 20-30
minutes on Sherman Whitman's community affairs program on WROR and WKLB
radio, talking about the Responsible Wealth Tax Break Pledge.

The same program will air on both stations on the following schedule:

WKLB 99.5 FM: 6:00-6:30 AM
WROR 105.7 FM: 6:30-7:00 AM

To date, over 100 business people, investors and other wealthy people have
pledged to give away over $1 million of their capital gains tax cut from
last year's Taxpayer Relief Act to protest the unfairness of the new law.
2/3 of the tax cuts this year are going to the top 1% of taxpayers - an
average tax cut of $7,135 - while the bottom 80% of taxpayers are getting
an average cut of $6).  Immediately preceding my interview, Sherman will be
interviewing Pat Buchanan!  Both interviews are pre-taped.

Call us if you catch any of these pieces, and tell us what you think.
Also, please clip and send us any articles you see in the papers!

Stay tuned for more creative actions from UFE and RW!


ps please pass this message on. (check out our new web site!)

Andrew Boyd
Arts and Direct Action Coordinator
United for a Fair Economy
37 Temple Place, 5th floor
Boston, MA 02111
617/423-0191 fax

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