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Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 12:10 PM
Subject: Community Policing & Law Enforcement


Dear Friends --

With due deference to America's best experts in "community policing"
throughout the country who view COMMACTIONLIST message traffic via the Weed &
Seed Correspondence List, a recent Infoseek search for that topic yielded
several interesting websites.  One the most impressive and potentially
informative for nonprofit public service organizations is located at:

As a collateral benefit, a huge collection of "Law Enforcement Sites on the
Web" (nearly 12,000 claimed) was noted at:

The compiler of this material, Mr. Ira Wilsker, indicates he's working to
make the website searchable, or otherwise simplify the task of finding
material in response to specific informational needs.  Until that's
accomplished, however, his site will continue to be a source of amazement
and fascination for anyone interested in virtually any facet of law

Persons concerned with community policing will also find a search for the
term "weed and seed" to be productive.  Its probably worth reminding
ourselves that the very informative Home Page for the Weed and Seed program
can be found at:

Hope you -- and/or the member of your agency's staff who's responsible for
matters or this sort -- will find the above references useful.

Best wishes,  Dave Matthews      Internet address: