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Andrew Rose (
Wed, 15 Apr 1998 17:41:58 -0700

>Many people are in solidarity with legalizing or decriminalizing drugs and
>are opposed to the use of drugs as an excuse to dominate and destroy people.
>>Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 01:15:22 -0400
>>From: "John V. Wilmerding" <>
>>Subject: The 'events' discussion list
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>>>From: Harry Bego <>
>>>Subject: The events discussion list
>>>Dear friends,
>>>As a representative of one of the member organisations of the Global
>>>Coalition for Alternatives to the Drug War, it may be desirable
>>>for you to subscribe to our discussion list, in
>>>order to be kept up-to-date about developments concerning the
>>>Global Days against the Drug War.
>>>We will in the coming weeks discuss publicity and procedures for the
>>>Global Days, and any other issues relevant for making the event succeed,
>>>at this discussion list.
>>>Of course you can help with our PR efforts; also, your suggestions as to
>>>how to proceed to make the Global Days succeed will be welcomed and
>>>much appreciated.
>>>To subscribe to, send mail to,
>>>with text:
>>>  subscribe events
>>>as text of the message. Currently, traffic is fairly low, but this will
>>>change when June draws near.
>>>Regardless of whether you want to subscribe yourself, you might of course
>>>want to suggest one or more of your colleagues to subscribe.
>>>For now, best regards,
>>>Harry Bego
>>>ps. At this moment, 110 subscribers are on this list; most are
>>>involved in organising events in some way; around 35 are listed
>>>as contact persons on the events pages at
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