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A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

The circus of the living calls for the I . Squatter=B4s World Games in
Leipzig/Germany.  FR, April 24, 1998

Amazing! 1000 empty houses! 30,000 empty flats!

Yep! Dear participants in the attempt to achieve the World Record for
the Guinness Book of Records: =93Most squattings within 24 hours" -, here
you have the latest informations:
On the map* you find the empty houses marked with a point, bigger
circles show industrial complexes, and the most spectacular houses and
villas are marked with crosses. The list neither is complete, nor is it
very exact, but it presents a good picture of the actual extent of the
unoccupation. We haven't investigated the areas without points, but
nevertheless there are empty houses as well.
[Sorry, the map is not available on the net, but you'll surely find a
copy once you arrive, or you will find empty houses anyway, you can't
really miss them.]

Agenda of events: The way and the manner of squatting are completely
your choice, let your ideas fly about how and together with whom you
want to do something. About 80% of the houses are open or accessible via
the neighbouring yard, which is good and bad, because police will
probably be interested in entering the houses as well. The countdown
starts off on Friday, 24th April, 3 pm. As soon as you are inside, ring
the following phone numbers to report that there is a squat. This way,
the 24 hours begin for the Guinness book world record as well as for the
so-called =93Leipzig line" (a ley according to which all squats are to be
evicted within 24 hours). Those who haven't been evicted by Saturday, 3
pm, may keep the house.

1. 0177-5726860 SquatInfo or 0341-2119322,
if those numbers don't work or something:
2. 0172-3136640 ncp news service
3. 0341-4942300 radio energy
4. 0341-21811321 LVZ (Leipzig daily newspaper)
5. 0341-123-8850 Ordnungsamt (department of order)
The aim is to know where the houses are and to announce them, that's why
it makes sense to stick to the order of the numbers, otherwise
information could get lost. If you should not be evicted, but you go
home, please make sure to ring the info numbers in order to give others
the chance to put life into the house.

In the competition =93Let's make our cities and towns more beautiful",
the following criteria will count:
- the nicest house
- the most colourful front
- the nicest banner
- the longest squatting
- create non-traffic areas
- special price =93sour lemon" for the quickest legalisation
- single assessments in the special category: =93Who shits the most
beautiful brown heap in the city centre?"
The prices are: dinner with the new mayor of Leipzig (who will be
elected on Sunday) and great surprises!

On Saturday night, we call for joint action and party together with all
house-less people to end the world games (how and where you will find
out by rumours), on Sunday there are the elections for the mayor, but
there will also be a network meeting of all the fresh squats and later
on the presentation of prices, and everything's gonna be all right.
Useful Items: mobile phones, cameras (to protect yourself and to
document later), identity card/passport (!!!), banners, paint, torch,
maybe tools, a good laugh and lots of fun!

The legal position:
Cases on illegal entry of houses are normally dismissed, or a fine has
to be paid, anyway, the question is whether 'illegal entry of houses'
applies to houses that have been empty and open for years. If you are
notified to pay a fine, inform the EA (Ermittlungsausschuss - a central
place where people give legal advice and provide you with a lawyer if
you get arrested) and/or submit a protest.
In Saxony, there is a law that allowes them to arrest you preventively
for three days, and additionally, the cops take the chance to search
people at the main traffic routes without there being any suspicious
facts; there have been cases when they have reduced the motorway to one
track and checked the access roads and the central station, in order to
prevent people from turning up. Use tricks, and if you have problems
coming in, use your feet, public transport, there are many ways to Rome,
and/or come some days in advance. For those who come earlier, there are
places to stay, just ring Squat Infoline at 0177-5726860.

As to legal advice:
The EA (Ermittlungsausschuss) will be available all the time and should
be informed in cases of arrests, attacks by the cops etc., but it does
not operate as an information line for actions!
Keep in mind: Always keep your mouth shut! Once you've made a statement,
it is valid and usually will be used against you and others, even if it
might look like it could be of your advantage. Because: the more they
know, the more people they get. If you get arrested, you have the right
to make two phone calls. The most important thing is to ring the EA in
order to get help. The EA number is: 0341-2119313.
As to the fascists:
Mainly thanks to permanent anti-fascist work, Leipzig is the town in the
East where the neonazis are comparatively shy. And it should stay like
that. However, there are some areas that are dominated by fascists, such
as Gr=FCnau (housing areas in typical GDR-style) and Wahren (where the
head of the right-wing NPD - National Democratic Party of Germany -
lives). There are other areas where you meet them quite regularly
(M=F6ckern, Leutzsch, Lindenau, Gohlis-Nord and the outskirts of the
town), where it should be better to squat several houses in a row with
more people, but especially there it is important to be present. Take
their self-confidence away from them! The Afa- information line might be
operating as well: 0341-9405407.
Make a move! FR, April 24, 1998, from 3pm. Leipzig, Germany

PS: A couple of days later, the 1st of May, the right-wing NPD (National
Democratic Party of Germany) is planning to have a huge march in
Leipzig. They are trying to mobilise between 10,000 and 15,000 neonazis,
and it will be the biggest march of neonazis in the history of the
German Republic. In order to prevent it, it would be good if people
could stay here.


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