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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 13:24:30 -0700

The subject should be:  "Re: Homeless in NY lucky to have been found
pioneering black ballet dancer"

I have a few comments to make about the AP story, HOMELESS MAN'S BALLET TALE

>``He started telling me things that only someone who was really in the
>dance world would know. And I thought, `This is not dementia,''' said Ms.
>Mackin, who happened to have been a ballet photographer at one time. She
>also saw that Bell was ``incredibly graceful ... slender, sleek.''
>The accuracy, the richness of detail and the clarity with which he spoke
>led her to the New York Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center.
>Bell's story checked out.

SO, THIS MAN was O.K. and deserved help  because "his story checked out,"
not because he "was found homeless and disoriented on a Brooklyn street last
month, barely standing, his feet frozen. "

>His last address was a men's shelter. He would have been sent back there
had Ms. >Mackin not intervened.
>Now he's in a nursing home, recuperating from frostbite on his feet and
>legs. Slowly, he's learning to walk again with a cane. He uses a wheelchair
>most of the time.
>``I convinced them that he needed a higher level of care,'' Ms. Mackin
>said. ``I said, `This is a guy who was a pioneer in the dance world. He's
>special, he's an important part of African-American culture. We should go
>out of our way to help him.'''
>``I was absolutely thrilled,'' Ms. Mackin said. ``I thought, oh my God,
>this is incredible, if this is true. And I really believed it was true and
>that the world had let this man slip through the cracks.''

Once, again, Ms. Mackin believes that because of the man's story or personal
importance, these are the reasons he should not have been allowed to slip
through the cracks.

>Ms. Mackin and her husband visit Bell twice a week.
>``It makes you think about the judgments you make -- like reading the
>chart,'' she said. ``We have to listen to what people say instead of
>reading charts.''

Uh, Ms. Macklin, I think you've still a lesson to learn in not making

And, AP, what about stories such as, "Unknown homeless person helped for no
known reasons"?

Charles Wilson