Workfare Slavery will Spread to Private Sector (Ontario)

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Wed, 15 Apr 1998 06:40:28 -0400

The Toronto Sun April 15, 1998


         By JAMES WALLACE -- Queen's Park Bureau
    The province may make welfare clients take "practice jobs" in bars,
  hotels and other private-sector businesses.
   Social Services Minister Janet Ecker is in Wisconsin today to study
  the workfare program pioneered in America's dairyland.
    Welfare caseloads there have tumbled, the minimum wage has
  increased and unemployment rates have plummeted to a record low
   "We want to see what the secret of their success is," Ecker said.
   She's specifically looking for ways to expand Ontario's workfare
  program to include the private sector.
   Welfare clients in Wisconsin get on-the-job training with employers
  ranging from the state government to temporary agencies and bars.
   Ecker said the idea behind Wisconsin's program -- to help welfare
  clients get a foot in the job market -- works.
   Ecker said she wouldn't rule out any job, including working in a bar.

   "Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor," Ecker said adding it's
  to think one job is better than another."
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