Re: Semantics

Graeme Bacque (
Tue, 14 Apr 1998 01:10:22 -0400 wrote:

> A person who is mentally ill is not to blame for his or her illness
> either.

As far as I'm concerned pathologizing peoples' issues of living as 'mental illness'
is unscientific, unethical and I really question the validity of such diagnoses -
these are subjective moral value judgements about how a person thinks, acts or
perceives the world around them. This isn't valid clinical protocol... nor is it
justification for depriving someone of their liberty without due process or proof
of criminal acts, much less for the torturous procedures which masquerade as
medicine under the auspices of psychiatric practice.

When you proceed into the realm of political or social issues nothing serves to
negate the reality of someone's experiences of abuse or oppression faster than a
psychiatric diagnosis - once that label has been applied, a person's
self-identified needs cease to have relevance, their voice is silenced and and a
depoliticalization of personal circumstances  occurs. As activists we have an
obligation to avoid this trap at all costs - it is all the more insidious due to
its masquerading as compassion.
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