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Spalter-Roth, R., Burr B., Hartmann, H., & Shaw, L.  (1995)  Welfare
that works:  The working lives of AFDC recipients.
        Published by the Institute for Women's Policy Research, which runs
the listserver.  Http://www.iwpr.org

Pavetti, LaDonna Ann.  1993.  The dynamics of welfare and work:
Exploring the process by which women work their way off welfare.
Conference paper from APPAM 1992, I think.  You might want to look at more
up-to-date work by Pavetti, eg testimony to Congress on "Time on Welfare
and Welfare Dependency" (5/23/96), Urban Institute --

Edin,K, & Harris, K.M.  (1996).  Getting off and staying off:  Race
differences in the process of working off welfare.
        Forthcoming in Irene Browne, ed, Race, Gender, and Economic
(NY: Russell Sage Foundation).  Irene may be able to get you a copy or put
you in touch with the authors: ibrown@soc.emory.edu

Harris, K.M., & Edin, K.  (1996).  From welfare to work and back
        Paper presented at _Politics & Society_ conference, "After AFDC"
Some papers from the conference came out in Politics and Society.

Also, you list some papers on domestic violence and welfare recipiency--you
should get hold of a recent paper on this issue in Massachusetts.  Mary Ann
Allard et al, "In Harm=92s Way?  Domestic Violence, AFDC Receipt, and Welfare
Reform in Mass."  McCormack Institute, University of Mass.-Boston.
617-287-5550, mcgah@umbsky.cc.umb.edu

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