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Resources you may use follow:

H. C. Sonny Covington    I CAN America
427 St. John Street - Lafayette, LA  70501
(318) 235-7005  Fax 318-234-0953

Lloyd, Susan.  1995.  The effects of domestic violence on female
labor force participation.  Paper presented at the 17th annual APPAM
Research conference.  Wash, DC  Nov 3.

Pavetti, LaDonna Ann.  1993.  The dynamics of welfare and work:
Exploring the process by which women work their way off welfare.

Lloyd, Susan.  (Nov, 1996).  The effects of violence on women's
employment.  Paper presented at the 18th APPAM annual research
conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

Brandwein, R.  (1997).  The use of public welfare by family violence
victims:  Implications of new federal welfare -reform.  Paper
presented at the 5th International Family Violence REsearch
Conference, Durham.

Kenney, C.T.,  Brown, K.R.  Report from the front lines:  The impact
of violence on poor women.  For the Women, Welfare, and Abuse working

Spalter-Roth, R., Burr B., Hartmann, H.,  Shaw, L.  (1995)  Welfare
that works:  The working lives of AFDC recipients.

Bane, M.J.,  Ellwood, D.T.,  The dynamics of dependence and the
routes to self-suffuciency.  1983 Report to Department of Health and
Human Services

Ellwood, D.T.  (1986).  Targeting would-be long-term recipients of

Edin,K,  Harris, K.M.  (1996).  Getting off and staying off:  Race
differences in the process of working off welfare.

Harris, K.M.,  Edin, K.  (1996).  From welfare to work and back